How to be Effective as a Ringmaster

Study the Rules and Regulations: You will need to be very familiar with the Rules since you will be managing the ring. A serious infraction could mean exhibitors might not have their scores counted for Regional or National wins.

Contract Form

Be Prepared: Arrive at your Agility Ring prepared to work. You will need a stop watch, calculator, sign-in and scoring sheets, scratch paper, toys, an evaluation of the CRM to give to the club, your CRM ringmasters report and if you have a trainee an evaluation of the trainee. A white board is handy to write the cat’s scores and times on so that exhibitors will know their standings. Business supply stores will have a large “Post-It” paper pad that may be easier to take to the ring.

Evaluation Forms

Forms Required at the Show


  • Be enthusiastic
  • Encourage the handlers to practice with their cat during practice sessions before they attempt a timed run.
  • When a handler brings a cat up for practice you can suggest the cat be allowed to sniff around and get comfortable in the ring. Most cats will raise their tails to signal they are relaxing and are showing a happy attitude. The handler then gets the cats attention with a toy and leads him/her to the first obstacle. The trick is to KEEP the cats attention all the way through.
  • Give constructive tips during the practice/training sessions.
  • Offer one free run for everyone; have them sign the sign-in sheet (liability).
  • Offer free runs (or sponsored runs) to shelter kitties.
  • Stress good sportsmanship.
  • Set a schedule for the agility ring showing times for practice and for scored runs, times for only scored runs, and times for run-off’s in case of ties.
  • Tell the audience what is going on, the name of the cat, breed or pet and make humorous comments during the practice or timed run.
  • Announce to the show hall when a good cat is running so they can come and watch.
  • Encourage people to run household pets in the Agility Ring.
  • Be sure to send in the sign-in and scoring sheets, the Certified Ringmasters report, and your evaluation sheet if you have a trainee.
  • Give the Ringmaster evaluation sheet to a club representative or the show manager.

How to Determine Scoring for Timed Runs

A cat will receive 15 points for each obstacle completed while running the agility course. The course is run counter-clockwise.

Cats must complete all obstacles to receive bonus points.

How to determine bonus points

  • Time will be based on 60 seconds per minute and the number of seconds will be based on two places to the right of the decimal.
  • The total time allowed is 4 minutes 30 seconds or (270 seconds). Subtract the actual running time in seconds. If the decimal number is .50 or higher, the scored is rounded up to the next highest whole number. The answer gives you the Bonus Points. Add the points for obstacles cleared to the Bonus Points for the Total Score.



Fluffy ran the course of ten obstacles within the allowable time, missing one obstacle.

Her score is135 points: 9 obstacles times 15 points each
Scoring math: 9 x 15 = 135

Puff ran the course completing all the obstacles in 30 seconds.

Her score is 390 points: 10 obstacles X 15 = 150 points, plus her bonus of 240 points (270 seconds minus her running time of 30 seconds) making her bonus 240 Points.
Scoring math: (10x 15) + (270-30) = 150 + 240 = 390