Becoming a Ringmaster: Trainees

Qualification: Ringmasters must be 18 years of age or older.

Training: The first step toward becoming a Certified Ringmaster is to contact your feline agility competition regional representative. They should know which shows in your area are holding an agility competition and help you make arrangements to participate in training.

Study: Study all the information on the agility website.

Preparation: Plan to spend two days working the agility ring competition. Before your “hands on” training you should get a stopwatch and practice with it. Time everything you see. In the heat and excitement of competition, it is easy to hit the wrong button and get an inaccurate timing. Practice setting your stopwatch and clearing it after a run.

Bring to the ring: Your stopwatch, sign-in sheets, calculator, scratch paper, and favorite cat toys.

Review the scoring: Become familiar with the scoring method and practice figuring scores before your training session.

Evaluation Form: Your Certified Ringmaster will complete an evaluation form at the end of the training period and send it to the “Coordinator for Ringmasters, Training and Scoring.”

Test: If your trainer’s report indicates you performed satisfactorily during your hands on training, the “Coordinator for Ringmasters, Training and Scoring” will send you a test to determine if you are ready to be certified as a Ringmaster.

When you have completed the test please return it to the “Coordinator for Ringmasters, Training and Scoring” for grading. He/she will contact you if any of the answers need explanation. When he/she is satisfied you are ready to work as a Ringmaster you will receive a certificate showing you have completed the requirements.

Coordinator for Ringmaster Training: Jill Archibald

Coordinator for Scoring Procedures: Jill Archibald.