Pre-Show Publicity

We have video clips and photos of “cats in action” that can be downloaded and used in conjunction with, or in addition to, publicity that a club already has planned.

Also available are posters, discount coupons, sample press releases, and press passes. Word templates for posters and coupons are provided so that a club can format them for a specific show.

Video Clips (mpg format): clip 1 | clip 2 | clip 3 | clip 4

Photos (hi-res): photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3 | photo 4 | photo 5 | photo 6 | photo 7 | photo 8

Sample Press Releases: sample 1 (PDF) | sample 2 (PDF)

Sample Posters: Sample PDF | Word template

Sample Discount Coupons:

Press Pass: Media Pass (PDF)

Agility Logo: Small | Large

CFA provides a publicity manual, Cat-ching Attention, that will offer additional information re planning of public relations materials.