Annual Judges Seminar

The CFA Judges' Seminar is held annually in conjunction with the CFA Annual Meeting. This assures that these important events are presented throughout the continental regions of CFA.

The Judges' Seminar provides practical, hands-on training to assist continued honing of the skills of the outstanding panel of CFA Judges. This compliments the written examinination which is only given in even numbered calendar years. The Seminar provides judges a rare opportunity to meet in a large group to discuss specific standards of those selected breeds being presented by members of the designated Breed Council. The presence of cats of the breeds being discussed allows for an actual demonstration of the fine points of the Breed Standard as well as handling techniques.

Each breed presentation is accompanied by a booklet which covers, through both text and pictures, the nuances of each breed Standard. Judges in attendance are given copies of these materials. Those judges who are unable to attend are mailed copies to assure that all information is available to the entire panel of CFA judges.

Recent judging seminars:

  • 2002, Scottsdale, AZ - the Sphynx, as well as an in-depth discussion on color and pattern
  • 2001, Pittsburgh, PA - Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat
  • 2000, Albuquerque, NM - the Scottish Fold
  • 1999, Sacramento, CA - the British Shorthair, the Bombay and the Burmese breeds and their color standards.
  • 1998, Philadelphia, PA - the Abyssinian / Somali breed standard as well as that of the Egyptian Mau
  • 1997, Naples, FL- the American Shorthair and the Japanese Bobtail (both Longhair and Shorthair). A discussion was also held on color and pattern as it applies to all breeds.
  • 1996, Chicago, IL - Manx (both Longhair and Shorthair) and the Turkish Van
  • 1995, San Diego, CA - Tonkinese, American Curl and Norwegian Forest Cat.
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