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Breed Expertise for Judging Program Applicants

CFA's judges are respected worldwide and sought after for their knowledge, expertise and handling abilities. Prior to applying to the Judging Program, applicants are expected to have a solid foundation in their knowledge of breeds. Unfortunately, there are no programs available such as Abyssinian or Persian 101 for judging program applicants to take, so CFA offers the following suggestions for obtaining this expertise.

Actual breeding and exhibiting is the best personal experience, and CFA suggests working with at least two of our most popular body types, the short and cobby as well as the oriental style. The majority of our exhibits fall within these two body styles. Added experience with one or two moderate body types with consideration to coat length would be helpful.

Breed seminars and presentations are frequently given at Breed Club level as well as at shows where a particular breed is honored. These can provide an in depth study of the standard and its application.

Agenting can provide hands on experience to the various breeds and the subtle differentiations of approach to achieve favorable handling response vital to the examination and presentation of the exhibit in the judging situation.

Cattery visitations - a day long visit in a casual, relaxed atmosphere where cats can be carefully amined and viewed in their usual habitat has proved invaluable to the learning process. Many of our most successful breeder-exhibitors enjoy discussion of their breed standard and will openly share the good and bad points of their show and breeder cats. Cattery visits/ agenting. Longhair applicants must submit a minimum of five (5) cattery visitation reports. Shorthair applicants must submit a minimum of seven (7) cattery visitation reports. In all cases, a variety of breeds is recommended. The owner of the visited cattery must belong to the Breed Council of the breed to be examined. Agenting forms (signed by the owner of the agented exhibit) will be part of the Exhibitor’s Resume. Complete care and custody of the cat is required by taking the cat to the show, grooming the cat at the show, having the cat in your care the nights at the show, taking it to and from the rings. If possible, the agent should also be responsible for before-the-show bathing and grooming of the cat.

Clerking is one place to learn about breeds. Once you have established yourself as interested in judging, and have the ability to maintain the confidence of information shared with you, many judges will gladly share their experiences, and you will have a close up view of all the cats at a show.

Education rings are becoming ever popular events at our shows. Depending upon time and availability of exhibits, these may provide cursory and in depth knowledge of a breed.

For further information about complete requirements for application to the CFA Judging Program, please contact:

The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.
260 East Main Street
Alliance, OH 44601
Tel: 330-680-4070
Fax: 330-680-4633