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Ring Management - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many calls must I give to call cats to the ring?

CFA Show Rules state that a cat should be presented to the ring the first time it is called. The second and third calls are 'courtesy' calls, and are not required. Some Judge's may have an early flight, or otherwise may need to leave early, and may request a "one call" for all cats. However, the norm is two calls, with the third call being the absolute 'last' call. If an exhibitor is not in the ring, the Clerk should determine if the cat is Absent, owned by another clerk, or owned by someone in the Show Committee. If it is, the Clerk should make an effort to find the person and advise them of the call. Additionally, an exhibitor may have multiple entries in the specific class, so make sure they are not just bringing up the rest of the class.

2. How important are the markings that I make in the catalog (ribbons hung, color class changes, absentees, etc) that I give to the Judge?

The function of the Clerk is to certify that the Judge's color class sheets are accurate when they are turned in to the Master Clerk. If you have marked your catalog incorrectly, or have not checked the Judge's sheets against what you have posted, then you have no way of certifying that the Judge's records are correct.

3. How can I insure that the ring is run the way the Judge would like?

Approach the Judge prior to the show start, and ask if there are any special requests regarding the arrangements of the cats. Some Judge's may turn the numbers down themselves, but most leave it up to the clerk. The Clerk is the "Executive Assistant" to the Judge, so the best way to find out how the Judge wants things done is to ask.

4. After the steward has cleaned the cages, should I leave the doors open or closed?

The best method for insuring that the cages have been cleaned, is to have the steward close the door. When you are ready to begin calling up the next set of cats, OPEN the door once the card is placed on top, so that the exhibitor does not have to fumble around to open it while putting in their cats. It is somewhat difficult for some exhibitors to hold a large cat, and attempt to open the cage door at the same time. Common courtesy rules: make it easy for the exhibitor to get their cat in the cage. Also, when a cage is not being used, make sure the cage door stays CLOSED.

5. When calling finals, how important is it for the numbers to be called in order?

There is a lot going on at a show: exhibitors trying to get their cats groomed or into class judging, spectators asking questions, as well as other activities. When a final is being called, the majority of people listen to hear if their number is called in order, so as to not have to listen to the entire group of cats. Although it is not a requirement, it is COMMON COURTESY when calling numbers to a final, that you call the numbers IN ORDER. It is not that difficult, nor does it take that much time to arrange them or write them in order.

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