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Featured Breed: European Burmese

The European Burmese is a very affectionate medium-sized cat of far eastern origins. The European Burmese is a very affectionate, intelligent and loyal cat.

They thrive on companionship and will want to be with you, participating in everything you do. While they might pick a favorite family member, chances are that they will interact with everyone in the home as well as any visitors that come to call. They are inquisitive and playful, even as adults. They become fast friends to other cats and even dogs, making them the perfect addition to your family.

Read more about the European Burmese...

Cats May Be Key to Human HIV Vaccine

A team of scientists at the University of Florida and University of California, San Francisco have found that cats may be the key to a human vaccine for HIV infection. Different viruses affect people and cats. However, the cat virus resembles the human virus so that researches can observe cross-reactions and allow them to identify regions of HIV that might prove useful targets for a vaccine.


New CFA Breed Poster from Yasmine Surovec

Looking for a fun and sweet illustrated guide to CFA’s 42 breeds?

Download and have fun with this new breed poster from author/illustrator Yasmine Surovec, author of I See Kitty!

Teaching Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post

Scratching is a natural behavior and along with leaving a visual mark, scratching serves many purposes for cats from communication, to getting attention and to showing they are happy and content. Ideally, cats should be encouraged in this natural behavior.

Learn more about how to encourage this instinctual behavior in order to avoid declawing your cat.

Featured Breed: Egyptian Mau

The elegant Egyptian Mau bears a striking resemblance to paintings of ancient Egyptian cats. These active, athletic cats have an exotic pattern and are the only naturally spotted domestic cat. They are distinguished by vivid gooseberry green eyes and their spotted pattern. The main showable colors are bronze, silver and smoke.

Read more about the Egyptian Mau...

I See Kitty Activity Guide for Kids!

Yasmine Surovec loves kitties! She is the artist behind the popular comic blog and book Cat vs. Human.

In addition to her blog, Yasmine’s first picture book, I See Kitty, is now available. The book tells the story of a young girl who is so desperate to have a cat, she starts to see them everywhere! As a bonus, there is a wonderful downloadable activity guide for children ages 3 to 6. Parents and clubs can download, print, and make copies to extend the book experience!

Cat Grooming Basics

Keeping kitty’s nails trimmed and brushing or combing your cat’s coat are not only for show cats and are two very important grooming regiments that can become part of a regular routine with practice and consistency. Read more about proper cat care.

A Whole New Meaning to “Cat-alog”!

Did you know that there are several libraries across the U.S. with resident cats? These cats perform many jobs from mouse patrol to promoting literacy to just keeping people company as patrons search for their favorite literary works. So, next time you are at your local library see if there is a cat around so that you can curl up with a good book and spend time with a very special feline.


Do you have questions about cat showing or cat shows in your area? How about specific CFA breed questions?

Call our CFA CATS hotline and get your questions answered! We are just a phone call away.

So, call us! We’re waiting for you! 1-888-752-CATS.

Featured Breed: Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is noted for its soft, short, naturally curly coat. The large eyes, wide head, and large low set ears give the Devon Rex an “elfin” appearance. It is a medium sized cat and is distinct in appearance from the Cornish Rex, though the coat mutation appears similar. Devons are available in a variety of patterns and colors.

Read more about the Devon Rex...

Ernest Hemingway Home

Author and Journalist Ernest Hemingway described his many cats as purr factories” who soaked up love and in return gave back love and companionship. The Ernest Hemingway home and museum is now home to 40-50 six-toed cats. Find out how you can visit Hemingway’s home in Key West, Florida.

New Cat Token is Now in Monopoly Game Sets!

There is now an easier way to play Monopoly with a cat! Get your Monopoly game with the cat token today!

Watch this video to see how Monopoly added the cat!

What Does Pedigreed Mean?

Pedigreed Cat = Recorded, historical lineage; predictable appearance and behavior; beauty and manners you can count on.

Find out more about pedigreed cats and how you can find the right pedigreed cat for your family.

Featured Breed: Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex have a unique, single layer of coat that lays in tight, soft-to-the-touch, even waves. Their bodies are all curves, with large ears, egg-shaped head, arched back, high tucked-up waist and long, whippy tail. Cornish Rex are affectionate, intelligent, energetic and inquisitive and often act like kittens well into old age.

Read more about the Cornish Rex...

CFA New Bee Program

Want to show in CFA, but not quite sure what to do? The CFA New Bee Program is designed exclusively for the new exhibitor to navigate the show experience. This program offers the opportunity for new exhibitors to gain knowledge and interact with seasoned exhibitors.

Wondering about questions such as: How do I enter my cat in a show? What should I bring to a show? How do I prepare my cat for the show ring? The CFA New Bee Program has the answers.


Cats are independent creatures, but they do rely on us for care and support. The CFA Legislative group supports that concept by providing guidance on issues related to legislation, of animal rights/welfare, and dog and cat population dynamics at the local, state and federal levels. Consider a donation to the CFA Sy Howard Legislative Fund to protect the interests of both pet owners and cats.

Ancient Feline Figurines Found in El Salvador

The National Foundation of El Salvador Archaeology archaeologists have found fragments of what could be statues of Jagaurs at the site of Cihuatan, a ceremonial center and site of Maya origin, north of San Salvador. The Mayans were known for worshipping Jaguars as gods. Archaeologists have previously found inscriptions, murals, and sculptures depicting jaguars in warrior or god form.

Featured Breed: Colorpoint Shorthair

The Colorpoint Shorthair has a Siamese body and head type. This cat comes in 16 individual colors which give the breed a unique flair. The colors include red and cream points, lynx points, and parti-color points. Devoted to their “people,” Colorpoint Shorthairs are playful, intelligent, and every bit as talkative and affectionate as the Siamese.

Read more about the Colorpoint Shorthair...

Cat Communication

Did you know that a cat’s purring can be a sign of content or distress? A recent on line survey of over 1100 cat owners from Britain’s Cats Protection revealed that many cat owners fail to understand how cats communicate. To help owners enjoy a more meaningful relationship with their pet, Cats Protection has posted a free education tool on its website called Understanding Feline Origins designed to help owners recognize their cats’ basic needs along with a video which explains the various cat behaviors.

Owning a Cat has Several Benefits for Children

Owning a cat has several benefits for children including developmental benefits that include physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. Plus, owning a cat is an excellent way to teach your child about the responsibilities involved in owning a pet. Understanding your child’s strengths and preferences will help you determine the appropriate pet. Make sure that the pet is age appropriate for your child so that s/he is able to learn to care for it. By starting early, you can instill responsible pet ownership from a very young age.

View this video which talks about how to select the right breed of cat for your family.

What Does it Take to be a CFA Judge?

CFA judges have the equivalent of a Ph.D in “Cat.” To become a judge, an individual must have gone through a thorough and rigorous training period. Once approved, judges officiate at CFA licensed shows and evaluate the cats using CFA’s breed standards and policies. As CFA’s distinguished Ambassadors, judges project unwavering integrity, dedication, love of cats and sound ethical behavior to the cat fancy and public. Read more about what it takes to become a CFA Judge.

Featured Breed: Chinese Li Hua

The Chinese Li Hua (pronounced “Lee Wah”) is one of the earliest known breeds of domestic cats native to China. They have lived in a wide area of China for centuries, and are mentioned in old books and old pieces of literature. Their disposition is gentle and easy to handle, and they will live quite peacefully with other cats and other breeds. This breed is a sturdy, well-proportioned, natural breed with a gentle, even disposition. There is spectacular contrast and clarity of the brown mackerel tabby pattern.

Read more about the Chinese Li Hua...

Kitten Classes Teach Art of Socialization

Kitten classes just like the ones at L’Chaim Feline are becoming increasingly popular in teaching owners to recognize feline behavior and learning how to handle a kitten properly so it isn’t fearful. Classes teach owners basic training principles such as how to take the fear out of getting into a carrier for a trip to the vet to the proper way to trim claws. CFA has excellent resources on kitten socialization. Be sure to contact your veterinarian or local humane society to find a kitten training class near you.

Keep your Cat in Purr-fect Shape!

Keep in mind some basic tips from our friends at Pet 360 to keep your cat the fittest feline around. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian to keep your cat in tip top shape year ‘round. Feed a diet that mainly consists of meat as the main ingredient, rather than empty calorie fillers and regular exercise are two key things you can do. CFA has excellent resources to learn more about feline nutrition and health.

Treatment for People Allergic to Cats possible

Do you love cats but are allergic to them? Well, good news is on the horizon! The most common cat allergy comes from the Fel d 1 allergen which is passed on by cats through saliva. When cats clean themselves, the saliva, hormones and microscopic skin cells - known as dander/dandruff - pass to the cat’s coat causing an allergic reaction to the human. Scientists at Cambridge University now suggest it is possible to develop a drug that will control cat allergies.

Featured Breed: Chartreux

The Chartreaux is an old breed which originated in France and said to have been raised as a companion to the Carthusian monks. Known for its woolly blue coat, brilliant orange eyes and smiling expression, the Chartreaux can quickly become attached to one family member and frequently follow her from room to room. This breed of cat can be taught to fetch a ball and most will respond to their names.

Read more about the Chartreux...

Keeping Your Cat Cool This Summer!

During the summer months, leave extra bowls of fresh water around the house. When traveling NEVER leave your cat inside of a closed car as your cat can quickly develop heat stroke which can be fatal. Fill a hot water bottle or towel with ice for your cat to lay on and draw your shades to keep cats ( and you!) nice and cool in warmer weather!

Cornell Discovery Offers Hope Against Deadly Cat Virus

Cornell researchers have found exactly what changes when a common, benign intestinal virus corona virus mutates into the deadly peritonitis virus. Traveling through the body, the virus kills most cats within weeks. This knowledge is expected to help develop tests, vaccines and treatments to protect cats from the deadly Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).


Featured Breed: Burmilla

The Burmilla is an elegant cat of medium size with a short dense silky coat. It is a man-made breed which resulted from the mating of a European Burmese to a chinchilla Persian. They have a silver tipped coat and large bright green eyes. They are loving and affectionate and make great pets. They also come in longhair with a full plume tail and a silky semi-longhair coat.

Read more about the Burmilla...

Keep Your Cat Indoors

Cats depend upon their humans for food, shelter and companionship. Keep your cat safe indoors by “cat proofing” his environment, providing favorite toys that you can play together, and giving him nutritious meals, plenty of water, and a clean litter box. Indoor cats have an average life span of 12 to 20 years when compared to 1 to 5 years for a cat kept outdoors.

Read more about keeping your cat safe indoors.

Dr. Elsey and Royal Canin Sale

This July and August Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat litter and Royal Canin food are offering a special sale in PetSmart. With the purchase of one 20lb bag of Precious Cat litter and one 2.5lb or 3.5lb bag of Royal Canin you will receive a bonus of 2 free cans of Royal Canin cat food. With your help we can make this event a huge success for you and your precious cat.


The term pet hospital takes on new meaning as health care professionals allow pets to visit sick owners in the hospital to help speed their recovery process. Hospitals such as the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, the University of Iowa Hospital, Clinics in Iowa City; Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond; Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and two hospitals associated with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.; and more than a dozen other medical centers have taken a different approach to a patient’s recovery process by allowing the patients’ dogs or cats to visit. Read more....

Congratulations to CFA’s Feline Agility Winner!

GC, GP, AG Ra'sAbi's Elijah “Eli” was the highest scoring cat in Agility for 2012-2013 with 7,218 points. He is also the first cat to earn CFA’s Agility Grand Master (AG) title in 10 consecutive shows and one of only five cats nationally who have earned this distinguished title! Eli is owned by Robert Weller & Carol Babel of Nutting Lake, MA. Find out more about the CFA Feline Agility Competition.

Featured Breed: Burmese

The Burmese is an even-tempered cat who is loyal and affectionate. Although moderate in size, Burmese are a very solid and muscular cat with a silky, short lying coat and yellow-gold eyes. Originally, the only coat color recognized was sable brown. However, today this breed also comes in champagne, platinum and blue.

Read more about the Burmese...

Winn Feline Foundation

The Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1968 that supports studies to improve cat health. Winn Feline Foundation Grant Review Committee selected the top nine studies for a total monetary award of $176,752.

Since its founding in 1968, Winn has funded more than $4 million in health research for cats at more than 30 partner institutions worldwide. For more information go to and read more about recent projects that have been funded.

The Pet Effect

The Pet Effect Showcases ‘Lead by Example’ Good Deeds which range from adoption events to marine conservation from Ohio’s Pet Industry. CFA is proud to join other Ohio-based organizations including Coastal Pet Products, flexi USA and United Pet Group and companies across the U.S. in an effort to promote responsible pet ownership.

Read more about the Pet Effect Project.

Featured Breed: British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a compact, sturdy cat resembling a plush teddy bear. Reserved by nature, this quiet cat usually prefers to have all four feet on the ground. While blue is the color most associated with the breed, “Brits” are found in a number of other colors and patterns as well.

Read more about the British Shorthair...

Garfield’s Birthday June 19

Did you know that June 19th is Garfield’s Birthday. He is 35 years old! As of 2013, Garfield was syndicated in roughly 2,580 newspapers and journals. Garfield has also held the Guinness World Record for being the world's most widely syndicated comic strip. CFA is proud to have its Offical Spokescat, Garfield as its #1 Feline!

Americans Love Their Pets!

We’ll do anything to take care of our furry, feline friends! A new survey reveals that 37 percent of cat owners spend more than $50 per month on their pets.

In addition, owners spend money on extras that range from pet insurance to Birthday celebrations. More than one-in-five or 22% of U.S. adults report they have held or attended a birthday celebration for a pet and 16% report they have held or attended a funeral or memorial service for a pet.

Visit a Cat Show

Here are some of the things you’ll find at a CFA Cat Show: CFA Feline agility, CFA Ambassador Cats, 42 Breeds of pedigreed cats, continuous judging in all rings, vendors and more!

Check out for a complete show listing.

CFA Cat of the Year

CFA’s Cat of the Year is GC, BW, NW Parti Wai EX Jackpot, a Cream Spotted Tabby & White Male Exotic born on May 9, 2011.

Jackpot’s breeder/owner is Penni Richter of Riverside, California. Jackpot placed third runner up in the Best-of-the-Best competition at the CFA Royal Canin World Championship Cat Show in Columbus, Ohio this past November.

See all the top Cats...

Featured Breed: Bombay

The Bombay is a medium sized cat with substantial boning and muscle development, a sleek, close lying, glossy black coat and luminous gold to copper eyes.

The Bombay is an outgoing, friendly cat with a loving personality, who is comfortable with other cats, dogs and children. 

Read more about the Bombay...

CFA Kitten of the Year

The Kitten of the Year is GC, NW Wild Rain Let’s Dance of Dotdotdot, a Chocolate Spotted Male Ocicat born on April 14, 2012.

Dance’s Breeders are David and Carol Freels. He is co-owned by Carol & David Freels of Pleasant Grove, California and Roger & Nancy Brown of Elkhorn, Nebraska. Dance took the highest honors, winning Best of the Best at the CFA-Royal Canin World Championship Cat Show in Columbus, OH this past November.

See all the top Kittens...

CFA Premiership Cat of the Year

The Premiership Cat of the Year is Zehnder’s Roger Vivier of Nudawnz, a Blue Abyssinian Neuter born on July 29, 2011.

Roger’s breeders are Monica Zehnder & Sue VandeSande. He is owned by Lorna Friemoth of Columbus, OH; Seth Baugh, Columbus, Ohio; and Monica Zehnder of Marquette, MI. Roger is the first blue Abyssinian to ever receive the title of CFA's Premiership Cat of the Year.

See all the top Cats in Premiership...

American Heart Association

The American Heart Assocation (AHA) recently issued a scientific statement saying owning a pet may help to decrease a person's risk of suffering from heart disease and is linked with lower levels of obesity, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Read more!

Featured Breed: Balinese

The Balinese is a semi-longhaired variation of the Siamese and named for the graceful dancers of Bali.

Despite their regal bearing and aristocratic appearance, the Balinese is a clown with a heart as big as a circus tent. To gauge their intelligence level, you have only to gaze into their sapphire eyes which sparkle with alertness and healthy curiosity.

Read more about the Balinese...

Lil’ Bub Wins Tribeca Film Festival

Lil’ Bub & Friendz took home the Best Feature Film award at the online 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. An internet sensation and movie star, Lil Bub tells the story of how the runt of the litter beats the odds and shows us how to be happy and positive and that it is ok to be different.

“Cat People” vs. “Dog People” Survey

The common belief that there are major differences between “dog people” and “cat people” seems to hold true!

Read more from Royal Canin’s latest nationwide survey which reveals America’s favorite cat and dog breeds and explores how owners choose what’s best for their pets.

View the Infographic...

Meow Fit Exercise App for Felines

Download MeowFit from Google Play or the Apple App Store!

MeowFit is an iPad/tablet app that is designed to help combat feline obesity and with feline fitness in mind! Cats get in shape with a series of entertaining fitness games as owners keep track of their cat’s progress.

MeowFit was designed and developed by students at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio as a part of the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies. Help this talented group of college students reach their goal of 1500 downloads! The MeowFit app is Free!

CFA Ambassador Program

The CFA Ambassadors assists spectators at cat shows. The CFA Ambassadors wear buttons that say "Ask Me!" Look for our CFA Ambassadors at your local show! You’ll be able to ask the Ambassadors questions and get more information about CFA cat shows and our CFA pedigreed breeds.

Featured Breed: American Wirehair

Distinguished by its coat – as the result of a natural mutation, the coat of the American Wirehair is crimped and springy, including the whiskers. The breed was developed from the American Shorthair, so apart from the coat, the two are very similar. Pet owners delight with their quiet, reserved and loving ways.

Read more about the American Wirehair...


Do you have questions about cat showing or cat shows in your area? How about specific CFA breed questions?

Call our CFA CATS hotline and get your questions answered! We are just a phone call away.

So, call us! We’re waiting for you! 1-888-752-CATS.

Moscow’s Cat Theatre Re-Opens

Tightrope walking, climbing poles, balancing balls on noses, paw stands and more! These are the kind of acts that you will see at the newly renovated Moscow Cat Theatre. Touted as the only entertainment of its kind, the Kuklachev theatre is the only one in the world dedicated to “actors” with four paws. In addition to the acts, there is now a space for cat lovers to interact with the cats along with breed-themed areas.

Thanks to Royal Canin

The Cat Fanciers’ Association thanks Royal Canin for its generous food donation to the CFA Breeder Assistance Program Food Pantry.

Read more about Royal Canin’s generous donation and how it helps cats in need.

CFA's Official Blog

Want to read more info about Cat Behavior, Cat Grooming, Cat Shows, Celebrities & Their Cats, and even All Things Cat?

Now you can, by reading The Cat Fanciers Association Official Blog. Cat enthusiasts will find the latest news and information about our furry, feline companions. Check it out!

Featured Breed: American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is America’s own breed, originating from cats that followed settlers from Europe. Records indicate that even the Mayflower carried several cats to hunt the ship’s rats. It is a medium to large breed with a short, thick, hard coat in more than 80 different colors and pattern combinations. This breed is known for its longevity, robust health, good looks, sweet personality, and amiability with children, dogs, and other pets.

Read more about the American Shorthair...

Youth Feline Education Program

The CFA Youth Feline Education Program engages youth from the ages of 7 to 18 in Education, Community Service, Cat Show Preparation, Presentation and Participation activities. The program is designed to allow youth to enjoy the cat fancy and excel at their own pace through age-appropriate activities within their age categories while enhancing their appreciation for felines and feline-inspired professions. Children are recognized at the regional and national level for their efforts. Learn more about how your child can participate in the CFA YFEP.

Cat Videos... Everywhere!!

Have you noticed recently that Cat Videos are the craze? Get in on the “cation.” Create your own cat video just like the one starring Henri the Cat!

All you would need to do is to submit your work of art to cat film festivals just like the film festivals that are being held this year in Brooklyn and Minnesota. Who knows? Maybe your cat will be the next star!

CFA is now on Pinterest!

We have launched CFA’s Pinterest site with our 42 recognized breeds. Each breed has its own FAQ which links back to CFA’s breed pages. Visit CFA’s Pinterest site and if you have not already done so, sign up for your own Pinterest site so that you can begin collecting and organizing things that you find on the web! Don’t forget to add CFA’s breed boards to your own site so that you can like and pin the images of our breeds to your boards for all of your followers to see and share.

Featured Breed: American Curl

Designed exclusively by Mother Nature, the ears of an American Curl can be likened to those of a Lynx with long tufts fanning outward accentuating the swept-back look which curl back in a graceful arc offering an alert, perky, happily-surprised expression and complements the Curl's overall sophistication, stylish elegance, and dynamic presence.

Read more about the American Curl...

A new body of research disputes previous findings that cats in the wild are not social animals, and indicates that both male and female cats are highly social and cooperative and can fluctuate between solitary living and large groups of a dozen or more.  Learning how your cat interacts with other cats is important to realize potential conflicts that your cat may have.

The CFA Foundation Feline Historical Museum is cited in Travel and as one of the Best Travel Destinations for Cat Lovers along with the Hello Kitty Theme Park in Tokyo, Belgium’s Festival of the Cats, Ernest Hemingway’s Home and Museum as well as 12 other events that place the focus on all things feline.

So, you have decided that you want a pedigreed kitten of your very own? That’s wonderful!!

Read all about Finding the Purrfect Pedigreed Kitten so that you can select the breed which will easily fit in with your family and your lifestyle.

Cat Dolls on Display

The Feline Historical Museum has opened a unique collection of cat dolls, including the Tyber Katz “Gibson Girl” pictured here.

The dolls represent a wide variety of mediums -- some are made of hand-painted papier-mache, while others are of ceramic and even fine porcelain. The period costumes on the dolls are one-of-a-kind, with some dressed in brocade, silk and satin, while others wear velvet robes, sweaters and even suede clothing. Many of the dolls are original artist proofs, and several were commissioned for a private collector.

The museum is located at 260 East Main St., Alliance, OH and is open to visitors Tuesday-Friday (10am-4pm) and Saturday (9am-12pm).

When you go to the Feline Historical Museum, take note of the full size photograph which is on display on the mezzanine level. The photograph of the scroll was completed with the expertise of photographer Art Graafmans, and is a full color print on canvas. The original scroll remains in storage to protect the delicate silk fabric and rich watercolors.

In 2006, the Cat Fanciers' Association was presented with a 27-foot long scroll by the Hong Kong Cat Lovers' Society to celebrate the centennial of CFA. The original watercolor on silk scroll features 100 cats frolicking among blossoms has been on public display only twice - at the original presentation in Hong Kong and at the CFA International Show in San Mateo, CA. This wall mounted photograph of the original scroll is an impressive sight when you first enter the museum.

Do you ever confide in your cat? Do you believe that your cat is a part of your family? Do you believe that your cat reduces your stress levels? If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, you are not alone. A new report explores the parallels and commonalities between little cats and their big cat cousins and helps owners understand how to bond with their cats and take better care of them.

Featured Breed: American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is a medium to large, naturally occurring, bob-tailed cat.

It possesses a unique natural hunting gaze that combines with the breed’s body type and natural bobtail to give the American Bobtail a distinctive wild appearance. This gorgeous breed comes in both a long and a short coat in all colors and patterns.

Read more about the American Bobtail...

Feline Agility

FELINE AGILITY is for cats that love to run and jump! Cats are definitely trainable and most are willing to follow a feather or dangling toy anywhere! It's amazing how they can climb up and down those high steps and race through those weave pole areas with such ease and speed. Agility is a pre-entered competition, open to any cat, so a household pet could be the overall winner as easily as could a top winning grand champion. Additional info is available at our agility website. Pedigreed kittens over the age of four months, pedigreed cats and altered Household Pets can all participate in Feline Agility Competitions. Entry Forms are available here...

2013 Annual

The 2013 Annual is coming up in June, in Vancouver, Washington!  

Make your hotel reservations today....

Were you as surprised as we were to hear about how cats impact wildlife?

Well, as usual, there is more to THIS story. The Impact of Free-ranging Domestic Cats on Wildlife of the United States is based on outdated and discredited research, miscalculated estimates and brought to light by media sensationalism. Read how you can join CFA and Alley Cat Allies and support the Alley Cat Allies petition to the Smithsonian to stop funding this kind of junk science and focus their attention on research to remediate the real threats to wildlife populations—habitat destruction, environmental pollution, and climate change.

Hello Kitty!!

Hasbro, the makers of the family-favorite game Monopoly, revealed on Wednesday, February 6 that the winner of Monopoly’s Save Your Token Facebook campaign is THE CAT!

The boot, iron and wheelbarrow drew the least support from fans, while the Scottie dog received the most support. In the end, fans voted out the Iron.

The cat received the most votes in a close race, edging out the diamond ring and the robot to take first place. Stay tuned for details as the new token is expected to make its debut in mid- to late 2013.

Order your copy of the 2013 CFA Yearbook with Garfield on the cover!

The CFA Yearbook is an 8 1/2” x 11” hard cover book showcasing CFA’s beautiful breeds. Garfield collectors will love Jim Davis’ depiction of Garfield’s part in the evolution of the cat ! Inside you’ll find photos of all of CFA’s National Winning Top Cats and Kittens as well as National Breed Winners, Grand Champions Grand Premiers and Distinguished Merit Cats. Other features include a record of CFA news, business and accomplishments; highlights of the annual meeting and awards banquet; and the CFA World Championship Cat Show and advertisements from CFA’s breeders, exhibitors and clubs, all fully indexed to help you find what you’re looking for! Order your copy today!

CFA is on top of the world!

Take a look at our video to see what is happening at CFA shows! Want to find out more about how to show your cat or how to locate the show nearest you? Call 1-888-753-CATS!


to the Houston Cat Club on their 60th Anniversary!! Read more...

CFA's Pet Passport Program

For all non-pedigreed cats, marketed and distributed through shelters and rescues, this comprehensive program provides the ultimate in pet health education, identification and easy access record keeping with opportunity for ALL non-pedigreed cats to share in the benefits CFA has to offer.

Featured Breed: Abyssinian

One of the oldest breeds, Abyssinians come in colors of red, ruddy, blue and fawn. In appearance, Abyssinians resemble the paintings and sculptures of ancient Egyptian cats which portray an elegant feline with a muscular body, beautiful arched neck, large ears, and almond shaped eyes. Abys today still retain the jungle look of felis lybica, the African wildcat ancestor of all domestic cats. Abyssinians are alert, intelligent, very people-oriented and have been known to train their owners to play with them. but a cat that likes to be with people, a cat that wants to know what you are doing – that wants to help. There is probably no breed anywhere more loyal than the Aby. If you like a cat who is active, inquisitive and intelligent. Read more about the Abyssinian...

Breeder Assistance

CFA has developed a program for owners of catteries who find themselves overwhelmed for various reasons. The program aims to help and support breeders, who find themselves in an out-of-control situation, by making assistance available through other breeders. The Breeder Assistance Program is able to help with advice, food, physical assistance, and placement of cats, if requested.

CFA Announces Most Popular Cats!

The Persian and Exotic Rank #1 and #2 For Fifth Straight Year!

For the full rankings,

Cat Behavior Survey

As a cat owner, you can help researchers understand cat behavior and temperament by taking this survey! The School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania is in the process of developing a new online survey tool for evaluating the behavior and temperament of domestic cats. The goal is to create a feline equivalent of the Canine Behavioral Assessment and Research Questionnaire (C-BARQ) to help pet owners, behavior counselors, animal rescue shelters, and cat researchers understand the behavior and behavioral problems of Felis catus. The prototype for this survey tool is now available for completion by cat owners....

Household Pet Recording

As the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats, it is CFA's mission to enhance the well-being of all cats! We are proud to offer the CFA Household Pet Recording to the owners of non-pedigreed cats! Recording your Household Pet with CFA is proof that you take pride in your cat's well-being and demonstrates that you are committed to serving as a responsible cat owner throughout your cat's life span. From proper nutrition and health to regular grooming techniques and appropriate play-time activities, you recognize that owning a cat is a responsibility that gets rewarded ten-fold! While a CFA Household Pet Recording is not a requirement to show your Household Pet in a CFA-licensed show, it is a sign that you care just as much about your cat's health and well-being as we do! Find out more information about how to record your favorite feline with CFA or learn how you can show your household pet at a local CFA licensed cat show.

Ocicat steals the show!

Congratulations to CFA's Best-of-the-Best World Show Winner

Read the Full Article >