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CFA International Show - Sponsorships

The 2017 International Show in Portland, OR is approaching and there are plenty of opportunities for sponsorships. This promises to be a great show with a great attendance. Portland is a unique and beautiful city and the committee has a great show planned.

Thanks to all who sponsored breeds, rings and support for the 2017 International Show!

Since these sponsorships closed, a number of CFA fanciers and clubs have asked how they can contribute. So, now we are offering Special Sponsorships. These sponsorships will be recognized with signage and recognition in the show catalog, Cat Talk and more.

Sponsorships are:

  • Copper at $100
  • Bronze at $250
  • Silver at $500
  • Gold at $750
  • Platinum at $1000
  • Diamond at $1500

You can use this link to sign up and participate.