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May 27-28, 2017
27 Golden Triangle Cat Fanciers (Region 4) Cambridge, Ontario, CANADA
27 Superstition Cat Fanciers (Region 5) Phoenix, Arizona, USA
27-28 Shanghai Cat Lovers Society (International) Guangzhou, CHINA
27 Tianjin Feiming Cat Club (International) Beijing, CHINA
June 3-4, 2017
3-4 Colonial Annapolis Cat Fanciers (Region 7) Parkville, Maryland, USA
3-4 China Purepet Club (International) Suzhou, CHINA
June 10-11, 2017
10-11 Gulf Shore Regional (Region 3) Houston, Texas, USA
10-11 Southern Regional (Region 7) Roanoke, Virginia, USA
11 Japan Tonkinese Cat Club (Region 8) Tokyo, JAPAN
10-11 Liao Ning Cat Fanciers ** Planned Shenyang, CHINA

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Featured Breed: Somali

The Somali is the “little fox” of the cat fancy. While Somalis are generally known as “the longhaired Abyssinian”, they truly are their own breed, and their longer hair, fluffier tail and breeches, and full plume tails do truly give them a look that resembles a wild fox. The Somali is the epitome of everything most people want in a companion animal – lively, alert, and actively engaged in everything that piques their curiosity – but when playtime is over, they will seek all the attention and affection their caretakers are willing to give. Once you’ve lived with a Somali, you’ve experienced the best!

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Family Pets Boost Child Development

Growing up with a pet can bring social, emotional and educational benefit to children and adolescents according to a newly published study.

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The CFA Newbee Program

Navigating learning to show pedigreed cats can seem complicated. We've put together some resources to help you find your way around!

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Cats really DO love their people!

A new study carried out by scientists from Oregon State University has determined that felines actually prefer human social interaction to food, making them no less loving than their canine counterparts.

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