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Breed Characteristics and Personalities

LH - Longhaired Breed
SH - Shorthaired Breed
LH & SH - Both Longhaired and Shorthaired Breed

Breed Coat Length Characteristics Personality
Abyssinian SH Ticked coat; ruddy, red, blue and fawn colors Busy, active, agenda-driven and affectionate
American Bobtail LH & SH Medium to large, naturally occurring, bobtailed cat Loving and intelligent
American Curl LH & SH Ears curl back, away from the face; available in a variety of colors and patterns Energetic and affectionate
American Shorthair SH Stocky, working breed: available in a wide variety of colors and patterns Even tempered and quiet
American Wirehair SH Crimped, springy coat; available in a variety of colors and patterns Even temperament
Balinese LH LH variety of Siamese; chocolate, seal, blue and lilac point colors Vocal, affectionate, active
Balinese - Javanese Division LH Longhair variety of the Colorpoint Shorthair Vocal, affectionate, active; can be insistent
Birman LH Stocky body with white feet and point color pattern; easy to groom coat of intermediate length Sweet and affectionate
Bombay SH Glossy, black coat Playful and affectionate; lap cats
British Shorthair SH Stocky, sturdy, plush coat; blue is very popular but also come in other colors Calm and quiet; enjoy people
Burmese SH Stocky and well muscled; sable, also champagne, blue and platinum People oriented, affectionate
Chartreux SH Blue only, well muscled, medium woolly coat Quickly become attached to their family
Colorpoint Shorthair SH Non-traditional point colors Vocal, affectionate, active; can be insistent
Cornish Rex SH Soft, wavy, curly coat; many colors and patterns Active, racy, affectionate
Devon Rex SH Naturally curly, wavy coat; many colors and patterns Pixie look and personality
Egyptian Mau SH Spotted pattern in silver, bronze and black smoke Athletic and active
European Burmese SH Moderate type with gently rounded contours Highly intelligent, affectionate and extremely loyal
Exotic LH & SH Body and head type like a Persian but with a short plush coat; available in same colors and patterns as the Persian Sweet, affectionate, quiet
Havana Brown SH Chocolate brown Busy, affectionate
Japanese Bobtail LH & SH Short pom-pom tail; many colors and patterns available Active, intelligent, and affectionate
Korat SH Thai "good luck" cat; silver blue coat and a heart shaped face; muscular Energetic and affectionate
La Perm LH & SH Medium sized, curly coated; many colors and patterns Affectionate, gentle and while very active, enjoy sitting in a comfortable lap
Maine Coon Cat LH Large, rugged cat; many colors and patterns are available Gentle, easy going yet active
Manx LH & SH Tailless cat from the Isle of Man; thick, dense coat; heavy cat; many colors and patterns are available Quiet and gentle
Norwegian Forest Cat LH Stocky and hardy with a heavy coat Active and sweet
Ocicat SH Spotted hybrid; athletic and muscular Strong, active and social
Oriental LH & SH Siamese style cat without the point markings; over 150 colors and patterns are possible Vocal, affectionate, active; can be insistent
Persian (including Himalayan) LH Stocky body, long full coat, round head with a short nose; broad face; available in a variety of colors and patterns Sweet, affectionate, quiet
Ragamuffin LH Large size, large expressive eyes, all colors except pointed Docile, people loving and affectionate
Ragdoll LH Large cat with color at the points Docile, placid and affectionate
Russian Blue SH Short, dense silver tipped blue coat Graceful, playful and quiet
Scottish Fold LH & SH Ears folded forward and down; large round eyes; also available with straight ears; many colors and patterns are bred Affectionate and laid back; sweet expressions
Selkirk Rex LH & SH Naturally curly coat; rounded, stocky body Quiet
Siamese SH Long, slender body with typical color at the points - chocolate, seal, blue and lilac; long slender legs; long wedge shaped head Vocal, affectionate, active; can be insistent
Siberian LH Russian native breed; rare outside of Europe Large and powerful
Singapura SH Warm beige, ticked coat; large expressive eyes; small cat Sweet, demanding, affectionate and occasionally bossy
Somali LH Longhaired variety of the Abyssinian and available in the same colors Busy, active, agenda-driven and affectionate
Sphynx SH The "hairless" cat; rare Active, affectionate
Tonkinese SH Originally developed from Burmese and Siamese; strikes a balance between the two parent breeds Can be vocal, people oriented
Turkish Angora LH Originated in Turkey; silky intermediate length coat; long body; several colors and patterns Busy, curious
Turkish Van LH All white except for color on head and tail Sweet and interested; enjoy water