Parti-Color Persians:
Those Showgirls Sho' Know How to "Parti!"

by Lorraine Saunders and Susan Cook Henry
From Cat Fanciers' Yearbook, 2007

They Were the “Life of the Parti!”

GC Kirklea Kim of Misty Mornin’, a blue-cream Persian
female. Br: Larry T. Shaw. Ow: Charles Milwain and
William Nix. (1968, Table I)

There is a select group of these girls who are of particular note, based on their achievements either as show cats or as mothers who contributed to their breed.

There are the “firsts” as in Cat of the Year (COTY) which, as indicated in Table I at the beginning of this article, includes the first blue-cream COTY in 1966, GC Larks-Purr Precious of Castilia. She was followed three years later by the first tortoiseshell COTY in 1969, GC Misty Mornin’ Meg.

The first Parti-Color Best Cat in Premiership went, in 1974, to the blue-cream CH, GP, NW Mar-Geo Draper’s Daphne of Tara.

As for “sister power,” three tortoiseshell littermates are notable for having been part of the foundation of some very strong lines which are now many generations behind a great number of today’s winning cats. These girls, GC Birch-Haven Tiki of Ben-Mar, GC Birch-Haven Pan-Z-Face of Catalot and GC Birch-Haven Blys of Misty Mornin’ were bred by Nina Duff in 1966, and they went on to Ben and Margaret Ehrhardt (Ben-Mar), Peggy Gude (Catalot), and Charles Milwain and William Nix (Misty Mornin’) respectively.

GC Kohinoor Elfin of Kirklea, a blue-cream Persian female.
Br: Mary Kate Carroll. Ow: Charles Milwain and William Nix.
(1968, Table I)

“Tiki” was the maternal great grand-dam of CH Tao-Lu’s Shalimar of Palmaire, DM, the blue-cream “Shelly” of the famous “Wiz/Shelly cross,” which pedigree fanatics will well remember (the “Wiz” being GC Bar-B The Wiz of Mystichill, DM); “Pan-Z-Face” was the dam of the black male, CH Catalot’s Quest of Shadow­lane, who went on to sire the very prepotent black male, GC Misty Mornin’ Conquest, DM; and “Blys” was the dam of GC Misty Mornin’ Meg. A large foundation of the modern Persian was founded in this “family” with catteries such as Bar-B, Mystichill, Lullaby, Jo-Le, Q-T Cats and Ronlyn, which are examples of only a few of those catteries that did very well with these early lines and established strong lines of their own while sharing along the way.

Then there is the “mother-daughter connection” with national-winning ladies who went on to produce national-winning daughters in the same division. We had the blue-cream, GC, NW Bryn Mawr Georgie Girl (1975) who was mother of the tortie, GC, NW Bryn Mawr Parti-Girl (1978). Both of these ladies earned kitten and championship titles: blue-cream GC, NW Goliada Melissa (1979) was mother of blue-cream GC, NW Goliada Merissa (1982).

GC, NW Goliada Melissa, a blue-cream Persian female.
Br/Ow: Michael and Nancy Petersen. (1980, Table II)

There are also the full sisters, a blue-cream, GC, NW Myshadows Baughdy Lady (1987), and a tortie, GC, NW Myshadows Madame (1989). In addition, “Madame” was the very first Best of the Best Cat at the Inaugural Purina/CFA Invitational Show in St. Louis in November 1988. Of course, we now know this to be the CFA Inter­national Cat Show.

GC, NW Myshadows Madame, a tortoiseshell Persian female. Br/Ow: Ann V. Sones. Winner of first CFA-Purina Invitational Show, 1988. (Table II)
and GC, NW Myshadows Baughdy Lady, a blue-cream female. Br/Ow: Ann V. Sones. (1987, Table II)

And we must recognize the first and only DM to date of the colorpoint carrier girls of the Parti-Color Division: GC Fur Pleasure’s Lucky, DM, a lilac-cream bred by Mindy and Michael Roach and owned by Michael Roach.

The “Triple Winner” – GC, GP, NW Mystichill Mighty High of Marcus – has already been mentioned as the only Parti-Color, if not the only cat, in CFA’s history to have earned national titles as a kitten, championship and premier­ship cat. There was the beautiful tortoiseshell, GC, NW Kyina Patience of Oakway, who was shown in successive seasons to Kitten of the Year (1979) and Cat of the Year (1980). When might this happen again in the Parti-Color Division?

GC, NW Kyina Patience of Oakway, a tortoiseshell Persian female. Br: Ann and Amanda Bright.
Ow: Ann and Amanda Bright and Judy Sturm. CFA’s Best Kitten, 1979. CFA’s Cat of the Year, 1980. (Table II)

It was thirteen more years before there was another Parti-Color top winner in GC, NW Bolo’s Bold And Beautiful, a blue-cream shown to Kitten of the Year in 1993. In 1998, a tortie (who had barely “sneaked in” as a national winning kitten the previous season!) became the fourth and most recent Parti-Color Cat of the Year – the lovely GC, BW, NW Araho’s Meg Ryan. The most recent top Parti-Color winner is the 2001 Kitten of the Year and another blue-cream, GC, NW Kenkat 1stClass Upgrade of Jadon, DM.

GC, NW Marcus M’Donna, DM, a tortoiseshell Persian female.
Br: Mark Hannon, David Raynor and Ann Waddington (Lessee).
Ow: Mark Hannon and David Raynor. Second on the list (to her
dam!) of all-time Persian female DMs, with 15 qualifying
offspring. (1998, Table II)

And finally, we recognize our parti girls who have excelled as producers well beyond the requirements for the DM title. All are tortoiseshells, beginning with GC, NW Marcus M’Donna, DM, who leads the way with 15 grand offspring and is overall the number two Persian female DM, just behind her calico mother! GC, RW Boberan’s Holiday, DM, is second with 13 grands, followed by GC Mystichill Too Hot To Handle, DM, and GC Budmar’s Tia Maria, DM, each with 12. It is a remarkable feat indeed for a female to produce five grands, let alone more than doubling or tripling that number!

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