Parti-Color Persians:
Those Showgirls Sho' Know How to "Parti!"

by Lorraine Saunders and Susan Cook Henry
From Cat Fanciers' Yearbook, 2007


GC Bloemhill Fancy Free of Wynden, a blue-cream Persian female.
Br: Mrs. John Bloem. Ow: Mrs. J. Keith Pevey (1965, Table I)

Entering the 21st century, we will give credit to the top Distinguished Merit and regional winning catteries and will expand our coverage on the National Winners which have represented the Parti-Color Division in the past 30 years. While it is impossible to mention every Parti-Color Grand Champion, as the numbers are huge, we intend to list representative cats within the categories mentioned above. Many of these fabulous felines have made their mark on this colorful category right up to present day through their offspring or close relatives.

We will provide statistics for another reason. With color breeding no longer supporting the blue-cream as mentioned before, their glory days have faded. On the other hand, since the change of the color standard in 1995, the tortoiseshell is being readily accepted with extra hot color along with their blacker cousins. So, it would appear that the cards are stacked against blue-creams who do not have those wonderful older bloodlines to help color them pale. Have a look at the following numbers for further proof. They really do speak for themselves.

Distinguished Merits

GC Astra’s Gypsy, a tortoiseshell Persian female.
Br/Ow: Agnes Bradley. (1966, Table I)

During the 1970s to present day the category of Distinguished Merit has given us an honored list of who’s who of the cat fancy. Known fondly as the breeders’ title, it is much-coveted among those who breed (males: 15 qualifying offspring; females: five qualifing offspring) and show their cats with pride and distinction. The very first Parti-Color Distinguished Merit cat of record was GC Jo-Le’s Mysdeal, DM (tortoiseshell, 1976-1977). “Mysdeal” produced eight Grand Champions when bred to GC Misty Mornin’ Conquest, DM, and four of those cats went on to national wins. There are very likely more girls who have earned this title, but the qualifying research has yet to or may never be initiated.

GC Misty Mornin’ Mopsy of Tra-Mar, a blue-cream Persian female.
Br: Charles Milwain and William Nix. Ow: Marion and Gayle Hall
and C. Milwain. CFA’s Best Kitten, 1966. ( Table I)

From 1976 to season-end 2005, there have been 138 Parti-Color DMs. Of those, we offer the following breakdown:

  • 35 Distinguished Merit title only (7 blue-creams, 28 tortoiseshells)
  • 28 Champions (10 blue-creams; 18 tortoiseshells)
  • 50 Grand Champions (13 blue-creams, 1 lilac-cream, 36 tortoiseshells)
  • 13 Grand Champions/Regional Winners (5 blue-creams, 8 tortoiseshells)
  • 6 Grand Champions/National Winners (2 blue-creams, 4 tortoiseshells)
  • 1 Champion/Grand Premier (1 blue-cream)
  • 2 Grand Champions/Premiers (2 tortoiseshells)
  • 3 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers (2 blue-creams, 1 tortoiseshell)

In total there have been 40 blue-cream, one lilac cream and 97 tortoiseshell DMs. Interestingly, from the total of 138 DM titles, 63 of these girls were either non-titled or attained Champion status only. That tells us that while not always show cats themselves, they have been very capable producers of quality. Below are catteries which deserve credit for their Parti-Color Distinguished Merit achievements. Also mentioned are those catteries (in parentheses) that acquired the cats and bred them to achieve Distinguished Merit status, and sometimes exhibited them to Regional or National Wins either before or after their breeding days:

GC Larks-Purr Precious of Castilia, a blue-cream Persian female.
Br: Gladys Morgan. Ow: Marcena Myers and Maurine Hoag.
CFA’s Cat of the Year, 1966. (Table I)

Adelwies, Aftabi, Aladar, Ann-Ge, Araho, Aziza, Bajonga, Bar-B, Bastis, Belcats, Boberan, Bolo, Brasstacks (Tailteezers), BricBrac, Budmar, Casimar, Catala, Catcharm, Catillak, Catsafrats, Chancery, Char-O, Chatalain, Chez Mana, Chieko, Chilco, Chrishanna, Cobby-Corp, Colesco, Connaught, Copacats, Currle Cats, D-Jon, Debo, Demiara, Derrboux, Diand, Ebonez, Fanci FX, Fancypaws, Fox Hara, Framor, Fur Pleasure, Furfrenz, Gatnel, I-Catchers, Jadon, Janilee, Jaymick, Jerimar, Jlor, Jo-Le, Jonala, Jovan, Kall, Katrina, Kelsha, Kenkat, Kittensrus, Kitty Charm, Kohinor, Ky-Ro, Laforet, Lake Hyco, Lauralas, Laves, Lobell, Lorant, Lullaby, Mar-Ja, Marcus, Marhei, Meadowlark, Midas, Mountcascade, Myshadows, Mystichill, Paquita, Pdees, Prim-Pet, Purrkay, Q-T Cats, Quin-Jo, Red Sky, Ronlyn, Rubyrose, Samwai, Shadygrove, Shali, Shelbie, Show ‘N Tell, Skipjack, South Paw, Steeplechase, Sun Steps, Sunmarble, Sunny Ridge, Susfur, Tail Teezers, Tao-Lu, Teacherspet, Tehy, Veach, Vickits, Wenlock, Willowviews and Woodspirit.

The following catteries can claim multiple Distinguished Merits:

Aftabi 2 Kitty Charm 3 Quin-Jo 2
Aziza 2 Lullaby 2 Shelbie 2
Boberan 2 Marhei 4 South Paw 8
Bolo 4 Myshadows 2 Vickits 2
Currle Cats 2 Mystichill 3 Woodspirit 2
Gatnel 2 Prim-Pet 3    

RW and DW Titles

GC Merchant’s Run Around Sue, a blue-cream Persian
female. Br: Mrs. Geraldine Merchant. Ow: Geraldine
and Sharon Ann Merchant. (1967, Table I)

As cat fanciers, nothing is more satisfying than winning an award as recognition for your efforts. This is particularly true for those who exhibited their beautiful Parti-Color Persians to Regional or International Divisional Wins (DW).

From 1976 through season-end 2005, there have been 133 Parti-Color Regional Winners or Divisional Winners. Of that total, a further breakdown reveals:

  • 5 Grand Champions/Breed Winners (1 blue-cream, 4 tortoiseshells)
  • 104 Grand Champions (32 blue-creams, 72 tortoiseshells)
  • 10 Champions/Grand Premiers (3 blue-creams, 7 tortoiseshells)
  • 1 Grand Champion/Premier (1 blue-cream)
  • 15 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers (3 blue-creams, 12 tortoiseshells)
  • 1 Grand Champion/Premier/Breed Winner (1 tortoiseshell)
  • 13 Grand Premiers (4 blue-creams, 9 tortoiseshells)
GC Skyway’s Bo-Peep of Dunhowa, a blue-cream
Persian female. Br: Vi Schuh. Ow: Wilda Derouin.
(1967, Table I)

You can see how much the tortoiseshell Persian’s popularity has increased since the mid-1970s, with the CFA statistics showing us 93 tortoiseshell Regional Winners taking honors compared with 40 blue-cream Regional Winners.

Below, we highlight the Parti-Color Regional Winners by gladly mentioning the catteries that bred and showed them and in some cases, those who took ownership (in parentheses) and honored the bloodlines they purchased by achieving these honorable wins:

Aftabi, Aladar, Araho, Araho (Kadji-Ki), Babuschka, Barmont, Bayou, Belcats, Betterdream, Bi Hei, Boberan, Bolo, Budmar, Burnbrae, Capuan (Bluestocking), Catjoy, Catsfrats, Cedar Valley, Char-O, Cobby-Corp (Mollycoddled), Comesee, Cozmo, Crayola (Blue Djinn), Devotion, Echoes (Stov/Hartz), Eripadiso, Ezluvin (Stov/Hartz), Fanci Fx (Beaubell), Fancypaws, Fox Hara, Goliada, Happypurrs, Hope, I-Catchers, Impression (Garnan), Jellibeans, Jerimar, JFK Hyecats, Jlor (Barmont), Joleigh, Jo-Ni (Moon Night), Kapulo, Kattitude, Kekiana, Kelsha, Kenkat (Kapulo), Kenkat (Sundew), Kitcorp (Purrsession), Kittiary (Cacao), Kitty Charm, Kiyoekitty, Kozy, Ladar (Croshka), Laforet, Larpa, Lauralas (Shenelle), Lave, Lave (Pingu), Marhei (Bajonga), Marhei (Pamola), Mar-Ja (Shelbie), Ms (Shenelle), Noblessa, Oakheavan (Bobocats), Oresta (Kapulo), Pease, Per-Lore (Ubcools), Persianary, Pingu, Pironti, Polcann (Linmar), Prideomine, Purrco, Q-T Cats, Quin-Jo (Love-N-Time), Rainyvel, Sharmich, Shelbie, Silowette, Snooksy, South Paw (Mapurr), Steeplechase (Sundew), Sunledge, Sunmarble, Sunny Ridge (Couronne), Tail Teezers, Tehy, Tendurr Hart, Topcattery, Touchoheavan, Travico, Tresorerie, Triplecrown, Vickits (Love-N-Time), Vinec, Viran (Arrow Lakes), Windpegs, Wishes (Waveland), Yahiro and Young-Uns.

GC Birch-Haven Tiki of Ben-Mar, a tortoiseshell
Persian female. Br: Nina Duff. Ow: Mr. and Mrs.
Ben Ehrhardt. (1967, Table I)

The following catteries have multiple Regional Wins:

Aftabi 2 JFK Hyecats
2 Noblessa 2
Araho 4 Kenkat 3 Silowette 3
Barmont 2 Larpa 2 South Paw 2
Boberan 3 Laves 3 Tail Teezers
Goliada 2 Marhei 2 Topcattery 2

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