Calico and Bi-Color Persians

by Carissa Altschul
From Cat Fanciers' Yearbook, 2011


GC, RW Parti Wai Emmanuelle, brown patched tabby and white female.
Northwest Region's 18th Best Cat, 2008.
Br: G. Busselman and Carol Warrens. Ow: Gloria Busselman.

Most bi-color breeders are well aware of the top producing bi-color catteries and individual cats. GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby, DM still stands at the top of the bi-color DM chart, as well as the top producing Persian DM of all time. Since 1998, many new names have hit the bi-color “scene” and quickly risen to prominence.

Table one lists the top producing cattery prefixes of bi-color grands since 1998. At the top of the list, we find a relatively “new” comer to bi-colors, Parti Wai, with an astonishing 60 grands to their name. It should be noted that 26 of these grands came from a single male, GC Magratheas Spiritwalker, DM. Tied for second, it comes as no surprise to find the name PaJean, who have continued their excellence in bi-colors. Also tied at second is another “new” name, Rhamjoge. Both of these catteries achieved 44 grands during the time frame of 1998 to the writing of this article. I listed all cattery prefixes with 15 or more grands. (Note: on all the tables, cats that were twice granded – GC and GP – were only counted once.)


TABLE I - Top producers of Bi-Color Grands since 1998

1 Parti Wai 60
2 PaJean 44
3 Rhamjoge 44
4 Catillak 40
5 Candirand 33
6 Chantilylace 30
7 Kissables 29
8 Jubileum 28
9 Catcharm 27
10 Ocalicos 26
11 Byhishands 24
12 Purrty Katz 24
13 Sugarspun 24
14 Fanci FX 22
15 TNT Purrfect 22
16 Harwood 21
17 Suavere 20
18 Wattzkatz 20
19 Wishstar 20
20 Couronne 18
21 Astral Charm 17
22 Catzilla 17
23 Sumiyo 17
24 Cacao 16
25 Cathissa 16
26 Divinity 16
27 Jeannel 16
28 Seder Rennes 16
29 Belcats 15
30 Kittyflora 15
31 Verlaine 15


GC, NW PaJean’s Wild Child, silver tabby and white female.
CFA’s 8th Best Cat, 2007. Br: Pamela J. Bassett.
Ow: Pamela J. and Jean C. Bassett.

Table two lists the top producers of National Winners since 1998. It is no surprise to find PaJean at the top of this list, including two Cat Of The Year awards with their bi-colors (in back-to-back seasons.) Budmar, Chantilylace, and Jubelium are in a 3-way tie for second with three National Winners apiece. It should be noted that the two Ghattas National Winners were shown under the PaJean suffix. In all, 32 catteries produced over 50 National Winners in the past ten years.


TABLE II - Top producers of National Winners since 1998

1 PaJean 6
2 Budmar 3
3 Chantilylace 3
4 Jubileum 3
5 Catillak 2
6 Divinity 2
7 Ghattas 2
8 Revillion 2


GC Magratheas Spiritwalker, DM, red tabby and white male.
Br: Tanja-Holger Hengstler. Ow: Gloria Busselman.

Table three looks at the male top producers of bi-colors grands. While it wasn’t a requirement that these males be bi-colors themselves, it happens that they all belong to the Calico and Bi-Color Division. Leading the list is GC, RW Catillak’s Sooner or Later, DM, followed by GC Magratheas Spiritwalker, DM and GC, BW, NW Wishstar Triumph, DM. These three males can be found behind many of the best bi-color Persians in the rings today.


TABLE III - Top male producers of Bi-Color Grands since 1998

1 GC, RW Catillak's Sooner or Later, DM 30
2 GC Magratheas Spiritwalker, DM 26
3 GC, BW, NW Wishstar Triumph, DM 24
4 GC Noblessa's Navigator of Sugarspun, DM 20
5 GC, GP, NW Catillak Light My Fire of Koi Pond, DM 18
6 CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai, DM 18
7 GC Harwood Revolver of Catzilla, DM 17
8 GC, GP, NW Chantilylace Groucho Marks, DM 16
9 GC Catillak's Pass Me Not of PaJean, DM 15


GC Suavere’s Colors In The Snow, DM, dilute calico female.
Br/Ow: Carolyn and Stephen Vogel.

Table four lists the top female producers of bi-color grands, once again the top of the list is a PaJean cat, CH PaJean’s Isabelle of Rhamjoge, DM, tied at ten with GC Parti Wai Grace, DM. Again, while it was not a requirement for these females to be bi-colors, it happens that they also all belong to the Calico and Bi-Color Division.


TABLE IV - Top female producers of Bi-Color Grands since 1998

1 CH PaJean's Isabelle of Rhamjoge, DM 10
2 GC Parti Wai Grace, DM 10
3 Cotn Hill Penny of Rhamjoge, DM 8
4 GC Catchance Liberty of TNT Purrfect, DM 7
5 GC, NW Jubileum's Goodnight Irene, DM 7
6 GC, RW Marcus Hard Hearted Hannah, DM 7
7 GC Suavere's Colors In The Snow, DM 7



GC, BW, NW Budmar’s Beyonce’ of Inthewind, DM, dilute calico female.
CFA's 3rd Best Cat, 2005
Br: Maurice D. Ruble, Jr. Ow: Linda A. Fisher.

What can we expect from the Bi-Color and Calico Division in the next decade? Assuredly, there will be many grands, regional winners, national winners, and distinguished merit awards. New breeders will enter the fancy and carve their places in history. No doubt many firsts will be achieved and celebrated. From the few tenacious breeders working with the chocolate and lilac gene in their bi-colors poised to make history, to the many stalwart breeders who have created pre-potent winning lines, this division holds a place for a variety of interests. Perhaps even the pointed bi-colors will finally find acceptance and their place in the show ring.

Since the 1800s, the bi-color Persian has undergone quite an evolution. From the disregard and second-class status they faced early on to the places of high honor they hold today, they continue to evolve and rise in popularity. The lack of set-in-stone “rules” regarding pattern allow this division to re-invent itself in every litter. The excitement, beauty, and charm of our beloved bi-colors will continue to keep us enthralled for many years to come.

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