The Chartreux

by Debra Rexelle
From Cat Fanciers' Almanac, June 1999

GC, GP, NW Katoklix Devin, male.
CFA's 17th Best Cat 1990-91. Br/Ow: Marcus and Gena Click.

In 1990, the first regional winning Chartreux in championship was GC Katoklix Devin, bred and owned by Marcus and Gena Click. The following show season "Devin" went on to be the first national winning Chartreux as CFA's 17th Best Cat. It appears that this show season there may be more national winners to celebrate.

Note: This article was published just before the end of the 1998-99 show season - there were indeed 2 new National Winners that season, pictured below:

GC, NW Janvier Nicole, female.
Gulf Shore Region's 10th Best Kitten 1998.
CFA's 9th Best Cat, 1998-99.
Br/Ow: Donald and Mary Ann Sweeters.
GC, GP, NW Backcountry Minden of Sourirbleu, female.
CFA's 7th Best Cat in Premiership 1998-99.
Br/Ow: Mary Rathbun and Gina Wiley.

GC, RW Backcountry's Giselle of Sinaye, female.
Gulf Shore Region's 11th Best Cat 1993.
Br: Mary A. Rathbun. Ow: Denise and Jerry Williams.

Up to the end of the 1997-98 show season there had been 17 regional-winning Chartreux in championship, of which ten were males and seven were females.

In 1994, the first Chartreux kitten to recieve a regional win was GC, RW Clervaux Jete of Sinaye, bred by Christine Fuge and Mary Jane Sams and owned by C. Fuge, M.J. Sams, and D. and J. Williams. Jete is the highest-scoring regional-winning kitten to date. Since that time there have been six more regional-winning Chartreux kittens: two males and five females.

GC Bleumime Fantasia of Luxueux, female (left).
Br: Bob Walden. Ow: Dawn Varney, MD.
GC Bleumime Faith of Luxueux, female (right).
Br: Bob and Sally Walden. Ow: Dawn Varney, MD.

In premiership the first regional win came in 1992 with GP. RW Belleisle Estee', bred by Penny Rice and owned by Lisa Tanner. There have been a total of 12 Chartreux regional winners in premiership, five females and seven males.



National Winner - Championship
1990-91 GC, GP, NW Katoklix Devin
Regional Winners - Championship
1989-90 GC, GP, NW Katoklix Devin
GC, GP, RW Belleisle's Cashmere Critter, DM
1990-91 GC, RW Frenchcon's Elmer F
1991-92 GC, RW Frenchcon's Elmer F
GC, GP, RW Belleisle's Cashmere Critter, DM
1992-93 GC, RW Backcountry Giselle of Sinaye
GC, RW Ashmanor Delorean
GC, RW Sandfire's Gizmo
GC, RW Rivierebleu Geronimo of Lebeauyeux
1994-95 GC, RW Backcountry Ivie Bleu of Clervaux
GC, RW Backcountry Ironique of Sinaye
1995-96 GC, RW Lutece Janis Joplin of Sinaye
GC, RW Janvier Jaclyn
GC, RW Clervaux Jete of Sinaye
GC, RW Backcountry Ironique of Sinaye
1996-97 GC, RW Janvier Larissa
GC, RW Aneise Lucien of Bellereve
1997-98 GC, RW Lutece Melisande
Regional Winners - Kittens
1994-95 GC, RW Clervaux Jete of Sinaye
1995-96 GC, RW Janvier's L'Etoille
1996-97 GC, RW Clervaux Milagro Alegre
1997-98 GC, RW Janvier Noelle
GC, RW Janvier Nicole
GC, RW Backcountry Neon Moon of Sourirbleu
GC, RW Clervaux Notre Amitie of Belleisle
Regional Winners - Premiership
1991-92 GP, RW Belleisle's Estee of Katmanbleu
1992-93 GP, RW Sandfire's Graymalkin of Isere
GP, RW Steppenbleu Gervais
1993-94 GP, RW Katmanbleu's Haute Couture
CH, GP, RW Clervaux Holly Golightly
1995-96 GP, RW Clervaux Je Ronronne of Chartres
1996-97 GP, RW Fourth Paw All That Jazz of Chatton
GC, GP, RW Backcountry Mr. Irresistible
1997-98 GP, RW Webefrench Mon Ami of Belleisle
GP, RW Janvier Matthieu
CH, GP, RW Lutece Lux Perpetua of Chartres


GC, RW Janvier's L'Etoille of Charmeuse, female.
Gulf Shore Region's 20th Best Kitten 1996.
Br: Donald and Mary Ann Sweeters.
Ow: Bill & Susan Lee / M. A. Sweeters.
GC, RW Clervaux Milagro Alegre, male.
Gulf Shore Region's 7th Best Kitten 1997.
Br: Christine Fuge and Mary Rathbun. Ow: Christine Fuge

The Chartreux breed is proud to have ten Distinguished Merit winners, eight females and two males. The breed's first DM was in 1990, Sheba Shariffe, DM, owned by Shirley Rosenberg. The first male Chartreux to receive this honor, in 1994, was GC, GP Belleisle's Cashmere Critter, DM, bred and owned by Penny Rice of Frisco, CO.

GP Belleisle Enchante Chat, neuter (left) and
GC, GP, RW Belleisle's Cashmere Critter, DM, neuter (right).
Gulf Shore Region's 17th Best Cat 1992. Br/Ow: Penny Rice
GC Katoklix Halston of Janvier, DM, male.
Br: Marcus and Gena Click.
Ow: Donald and Mary Ann Sweeters.



1990: Sheba Shariffe, DM
1991: Velure Andrea, DM
1992: CH Sheenahs Ashley of Ashmanor, DM
1993: CH Backcountry Camille, DM
1994: GC, GP, RW Belleisle's Cashmere Critter, DM
1996: GC Katoklix Isabella of Janvier, DM
1997: Lutece Insouciance, DM
1998: GC Aneise Iris Juin of Janvier, DM
1998: GC Katoklix Halston of Janvier, DM
1998: GC Lutece Galatee, DM


GC, RW Lutece Melisande, female.
Northwest Region's 10th Best Cat 1998.
Br: Emily Orca Starbuck and B. Renaud.
Ow: Emily Orca Starbuck.


With the continued success of the Chartreux in CFA and with the promise of new national and regional winners to come, we are still reminded of a breed that has remained "unchanged" for hundreds of years. A constant effort by dedicated breeders is necessary for the preservation of the Chartreux as a distinct breed, both in North America and abroad. We thank them for their continuing efforts.

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