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CFA Breed Standards: Condition

Condition mirrors the total cat. Diet, care, environment, and heredity all play vital roles in producing a well-conditioned cat; every facet of the cat reflects the results of these important factors.

Physical Condition:

The show cat should be in prime physical condition.

Cleanliness and Presentation:

The show cat should be faultlessly clean. Grooming should enhance the beauty of the cat, emphasizing the nature of the breed.


Well balanced temperamentally, the show cat should be receptive to the judging procedure. A calm stable disposition enhances the cat and allows the judge to evaluate and display the cat to its best advantage


General health and vigor are reflected by clear eyes, shining coat, and alert appearance. In movement, the cat will exhibit the characteristic grace and beauty natural to its breed.


As an exhibit is handled by the judge, his hands record the size and shape of the bone structure, the muscle tone, and the basic conformation of the cat.

The TOTAL CAT is equal to the SUM of its parts.