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Frequently Asked Questions

CFA is offering an Online Cat Breeder Referral service to CFA qualified breeders. A person must have registered at least one litter with CFA within the past 2 years, and be a breeder in good standing. You, the breeder, will enter your personal information online, at your convenience. You can post photos of your cats, and change them as you wish.

When you initially sign up for this service, a User ID and password must be created, if you do not already have one for the Online Almanac. If you already have a User ID and password, please log on using the same one. Once logged on to the system, choose "Purchase a Breeder Listing." You will be asked to enter the CFA litter number and the breeder's name. Most breeders can be automatically qualified based on this information; however, if the litter number or breeder's name do not match our records exactly, your application will be held for manual review, a process that may take 1-2 business days.

Once you have qualified, you can begin to enter your personalized data and photos. The primary offering allows you to list 1 - 5 breeds for an annual fee of $44.95. Your breeder listing may include 1 - 4 photos at no extra charge. Additional breeds and/or photos may be added at additional cost. A breeder may list as much or as little personal information as he/she desires, controlled by your breeder profile. (Example - you may wish to list only your email address, web site and telephone number, but not your address.) Photos are limited in size to 65KB, so as to minimize the time it takes to load web pages, and to accommodate as many breeders and photos as possible. CFA does not publish photos that include children, as per COPPA policies.

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All descriptive data and photos are held pending review by a CFA staff member, and will appear on your listing upon approval. Please allow 1-2 business days for CFA's review process. Should we reject a descriptive message or photo, you will receive an email indicating the reason for rejection. You may then resubmit after making changes. The Breeder Profile allows you to select/deselect emails for approvals or denials; you can change this at any time. Please review the items below - most of your questions should be addressed here. If you have any additional questions or comments, please email us at cbrs@cfa.org.

1. Can anyone be listed in the Breeder Referral?

Yes, provided you are listed as the breeder of a CFA registered litter within the past 2 years, and are in good standing with the Cat Fanciers' Association. You will need your CFA litter number when you first sign up for this service.

2. How many breeds can I include in my listing?

Your basic $44.95 listing includes up to 5 breeds for a one-year listing. You may choose to list only 1 breed, or as many as 5. This price includes up to 4 photos. Additional breeds can be purchased in 5-breed increments for $9.95, up to 20 breed/divisions. A breeder may purchase more than one listing, if for example, you have more than one cattery name and wish to have a separate description and photo gallery for each.

3. Can I have more than 4 photos?

The initial listing subscription includes 4 photos, but, yes, you can choose to upgrade your listing to include more than 4 photos. Photo space is available only in blocks of 4. Pricing for 4 additional photos will be $9.95; 8 additional photos will be $19.90. Once you have subscribed, use the DOLLAR SIGN ICON to upgrade your original subscription.

4. I just entered my listing. Why doesn't it show up when I search for my breed?

All descriptions and photos must be reviewed by CFA prior to publication. Once approved, your listing will be shown. You will receive an email from CFA, telling you what has been approved or denied. While you, as the breeder, can access your listing using the FOLDER ICON on your Home Page, it will not be available to the general public until CFA approves it.

5. Why can't I preview my listing, using the Preview icon on my Home Page?

The PREVIEW ICON is designed to show you exactly what the general public will view, when they do a search. Until your listing has been reviewed and approved, it will not show.

6. The description I entered was denied - Why?

Your description may have been denied for several reasons: CFA does not allow the mention of other registries, nor mention of titles earned in other registries, nor of breeds not currently accepted for registration at CFA. Each denial message will include a reason for our action.

7. You denied the cute photo of my granddaughter holding our Persian kitten - why?

Due to COPPA regulations, there are certain strict limitations on inclusion of children on web-based sites. CFA has a policy not to portray children without explicit written consent.

8. What do those icons mean, on my Home Page, under "Update/View Listing"?

The FOLDER ICON is used to view/make changes to your name/address data, description, and photo gallery. You will also see any pending or denied changes and photos here. The GEARS ICON will take you to a Breeder Preferences screen - this is where you can select ("enable') which bits of information you wish to have the public see; for instance, you could disable the street address box, if you don't want that published. The PREVIEW ICON lets you see your listing just as the general public will view it. Only approved listings will be able to be previewed from this icon. The DOLLAR SIGN ICON is used to purchase additional breeds or photos. You will have to enter a credit card after making your selection(s).

9. I don't want my address to show on the public listing - how can I prevent that?

From your Home Page, click on the gears and select or deselect what fields you wish to have displayed. You may change these options at any time.

10. I have my own website. Can I link to that?

Yes - simply enter the URL for your website in the 'website' field on your listing, accessed by clicking the folder icon from your Home Page.

11. I no longer breed cats. How can I completely stop my listing from appearing?

From your Home Page, click on the gears icon, and uncheck the Enable my Listing box.

12. I want to change or delete one or more photos - how do I do that?

From your Home Page, click on the folder icon - select the photo you wish to change or delete; click Edit to change, or Delete to delete. Each photo must have a title - something short and descriptive, that will become a link to a larger image when the user clicks on it.

13. The photo I want to use is too large for the system - what can I do?

Our Breeder Referral system allows an image of up to 65KB file size, with a 480X640 resolution. If your photo exceeds either of those parameters, you must resize it and resubmit, or select another image. Many PC or Mac-based photo editing software packages allow you to reduce the size of a digital image. Follow the instructions in your software package - RESIZE is usually found under the Edit tab of photo editing software, or click on the Help button and type 'Resize' to get instructions. Be sure to save the image using a different file name than that of your original image file, otherwise you will overwrite the original image file (and lose the original image).

14. What is the URL for the public to use, when searching for a particular breed or breeder?

It is http://secure.cfa.org/Search.aspx

15. Is there a button that I can put on my web site?

Yes, you may download the button shown to the right for use on your personal web site. To download, RIGHT click on the image and choose SAVE PICTURE AS or SAVE IMAGE AS. This graphic image must be linked to http://secure.cfa.org/Search.aspx.

Any more questions/comments? Please email us at cbrs@cfa.org

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