Breed/Color - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you tell me what color the kittens will be if I breed my cat?

Yes, we can help to determine kitten colors. We have some color charts on our website at:

Note that if you are breeding a White cat, it is important to know which color the cat is "masking". White cats often have a spot of color on their heads when they are young. That is the color that is "masked" and the color the white will breed as.

Note that Pointed kittens are born white and the color will start to show on their ears after they are several days old.

2. Which breed of cat do you recommend for someone who has allergies?

Unfortunately, there is no breed of cat that is 100% guaranteed not to cause reactions in an individual who is sensitive to cat allergens. Some people find that several of the shorthair breeds are less aggravating to people with allergies, especially if the cat is given a bath every other week or so. A great deal would depend on the severity of the allergy, tho, and what one is willing to put up with just for the pleasure of having a cat.

3. How much will a pedigreed kitten cost?

Pricing on kittens is up to each individual breeder, and may vary depending upon the quality of the kitten, its bloodlines, its color, or even its markings.

When talking to a breeder, price and conditions of sale should definitely be discusssed. You will also need to determine if the price you agree upon includes the registration papers and breeding rights.

4. Where can I get a nice poster of all the different breeds?

There is an exceptionally well-done poster that can be ordered thru the mail or by email/phone/fax.  Find full ordering details, as well as a photo of the poster, located here.

5. How do I get my new breed recognized?

CFA has specific rules governing the acceptance, and advancement, of new breeds and colors. You can find full details on the requirements here.

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