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The Cat Fanciers’ Association Announces Most Popular Breeds for 2015

February 1, 2016

The Exotic Breed Takes Top Spot for Second Year

Pictured: CFA's Best Exotic for 2015, GC, BW, NW Tombrock's Chopin, a black male, bred by Salvatore Cuccu & Giovanni Giordano and owned by Maria Cristina Bertello, Salvatore Cuccu & Giovanni Giordano.

Busy cat owners who like the look of a Persian, but don’t have time for daily grooming sessions, have made the Exotic the most popular cat breed according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) registration statistics. The Exotic is bred to meet the Persian standard in every way with one very special exception: the coat. The thick, plush, short coat gives the Exotic a soft, rounded, teddy bear look.

Rankings below are based on registration totals for the period January 1 - December 31, 2015.

1   Exotic
2   Persian
3   Maine Coon Cat
4   Ragdoll
5   British Shorthair
6   American Shorthair
7   Scottish Fold
8   Abyssinian
9   Sphynx
10   Orienta
11   Devon Rex
12   Siamese
13   Cornish Rex
14   Norwegian Forest Cat
15   Birman
16   Russian Blue
17   Tonkinese
18   Siberian
19   Burmese
20   Ocicat
21   Egyptian Mau
22   Japanese Bobtail
23   Selkirk Rex
24   Manx
25   Turkish Angora
26   Somali
27   Balinese/Javanese
28   Chartreux
29   Bombay
30   Colorpoint Shorthair
31   RagaMuffin
32   Singapura
33   Americal Curl
34   European Burmese
35   Havana Brown
36   American Bobtail
37   Korat
38   Burmilla
39   American Wirehair
40   Turkish Van
41   LaPerm
42   Chinese Li Hua

Pictured: CFA's Best Persian for 2015, GC, BW, NW Belamy's Odetta of Cinema, a dilute calico female, bred by Monika Vowe and owned by Blake Mayes, Dennis Adler and Connie Stewart.

Pictured: CFA's Best Maine Coon Cat for 2015, GC, BW, NW Venizia Redsilver Surfer, a cameo mackerel tabby & white male, bred by Chuleeporn Namsiriwiwat and owned by Jimmy C. M. Lee, Chuleeporn Namsiriwiwat and Fion Cheng.

Pictured: CFA's Best Ragdoll for 2015, GC, BW, NW L'Clover's Queen Lust, a seal lynx point & white female, bred by Shazhou Lou and owned by Shazhou Lou and Jun Hyungu.

Pictured: CFA's Best British Shorthair for 2015, GC, BW, NW Chloeadores Mr Blue Enchantress, a blue male, bred by Li Ling CHung and owned by Bei Xue Wang.


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