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Publications - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does CFA publish a magazine?

CFA has a printed magazine and an on line version. Cat Talk captures the many voices of the Cat Fanciers' Association. To order single issues of this magazine or subscribe go to

The Online Almanac has a wide variety of other statistical data available, as well as current e-Points and recent Grand/Distinguished Merit award listings. To learn more about the Online Almanac, go to: Subscribers to the Online Almanac will automatically receive their subscription to Cat Talk.

2. How do I subscribe to the Online Almanac?

To subscribe to the Online Almanac, go to: and either setup a user account or log onto an existing account.

3. Does CFA have a Blog and Facebook Page?

CFA's official blog can be found at:

Keep up with CFA through its other social media pages:
You Tube:

4. What is in the CFA Yearbook? Where can I order a copy?

The first CFA Yearbook was published in 1958 and in 1973 was expanded to a hard cover designer edition. The Yearbook is published annually and chronicles the continuing history of CFA. You will want to see the exceptional pictures of the finest pedigreed cats in the world. The CFA Yearbook contains the current CFA Constitution; highlights of the Annual and the Executive Board meetings; a list of member clubs; award winners; Grand Champions, Grand Premiers and Distinguished Merits; interesting articles and feature stories by breeders, research scientists, and veterinarians; as well as breeder advertising. To order past and current copies of the CFA Yearbook, go to:

5. Do you have a listing of breed specific publications?

Yes, we have a listing of breed specific publications here.

We also have printed brochures available for purchase.


6. How do I keep up with the latest happenings and CFA news?

Subscribe to one or both of CFA's newsletters. 

CFA News contains breaking news updates, changes of date requests, and immediate announcements.   Click to subscribe 

The CFA eNewsletter is a monthly summation of news from CFA, Central Office, CFA's various committees, and all Regions and the International Division.   Click to subscribe

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