The CFA Mentor Program – Welcome!

Do you want to show and/or breed pedigreed cats? If so, then the CFA Mentor Program is the place to start!

There is a lot to learn, and you will surely have many questions about things such as planning a cattery, selecting foundation breeding cats, raising kittens, grooming and nutrition. An experienced CFA mentor can offer guidance and advice to point you in the right direction and help you make good decisions along the way.

Signing up for the Mentor Program is easy! Please email mentoring@cfa.org for more details.

Check out the links below for complete information about the CFA Mentor Program, as well as some great self-help articles.

The CFA Mentor Program in a Nutshell
Before You Get Started: What Are Realistic Expectations in the Cat Fancy?
What Is a Protégé?
What Is a Mentor?
Articles and Online Resources

Do you want to show pedigreed cats? Then the CFA NewBee Program offers lots of resources to help the new exhibitor learn about cat shows! Check out the CFA NewBee Program at www.cfanewbee.org or send an email to info@cfanewbee.org for more information.

Discover the world of pedigreed cats and CFA – we are waiting for you!

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