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CFA Mentor Program: Mentor Application

Please use this form if you have experience in breeding and exhibiting and are interested in offering assistance to people new to the cat fancy.

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Are you willing to work with a Protege who doesn't live in your area?
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Have you been mentored in the past?  (either in the cat fancy, or professional life)

If yes, please describe your experiences:
What are your goals and expectations?:
What areas are you interested or involved in?


Self-Assessment Tool
  1. My peers generally accept me as a source of informal advice and counsel.

  2. I like to help others learn about pedigreed cats.

  3. I feel good when others succeed in the cat fancy.

  4. I like to learn new things in the show hall and in my breeding program.

  5. I am knowledgeable about the policies and procedures of CFA.

  6. I have enjoyed involvement with CFA and consider it a success to this point.

  7. I feel comfortable with my achievements in the cat fancy.

  8. I am supportive in my relationships with fellow cat fanciers.

  9. I have strongly developed interpersonal skills.

  10. I feel qualified to share my knowledge about pedigreed cats with others.

  11. Others respect my views and my participation in CFA.

  12. I nurture others in their development in the cat fancy.

  13. I am a good listener.

  14. I am approachable and willing to share some of my free time.

  15. I am not a person who becomes resentful when others succeed.


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